Jul 19

Back to Basics – Introducing Ordon SMP

OrdonSMP is a newly-opened Survival Multi-Player server that seeks to provide a balance between those who enjoy PvP and those who just love to build.

Gameplay on OrdonSMP is as close to vanilla as possible with the exception of not allowing grief or stealing. Players are not given starter kits, and are not able to spawn any items/blocks into the world. Everything any player has (including staff) is gathered legitimately. Additionally players are not given the ability to fly, teleport, etc.

As mentioned before we do provide block protection. Additional features that we provide are: Combat log protection, a Clan System, a very active and friendly staff, and a Day-Night PvP system. This PvP system automatically enables PvP at night and disables it during the day. This ensures that both types of players (the PvP-minded and the PvE-minded) have opportunities through the day to play their style of gameplay.

Our map right now is on the small side (2k by 2k) as we have a small community. This ensures that you don’t have to travel too far to find some PvP action. As our community grows, we will expand to fit our size.

Come by and check out Ordon SMP at play.ordonmc.com:25560

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Apr 08

Welcome to OrdonMC Factions!

Welcome to OrdonMC Factions!

Get your swords ready, your base made and your faction members prepared, war is about to begin!

You heard right, folks of OrdonMC! We are opening a Factions server! This is accessible at the Factions.OrdonMC.com IP address:


Point your Minecraft Client towards this IP using the ‘Add Server’ function and begin war!

Fantastic donation packages are also purchasable for Factions on OrdonMC.Buycraft.net under our ‘Factions’ donation tab! Choose from ranks from VIP for $10 or OMCSMASH for $200! Each rank gets a kit from the simple tools of VIP rank to the mind blowing armour and tools that OMCSMASH comes with an insane set of armour inc; Protection 8 on all of the armour and many more enchantments! You will win every fight with this kit of armour, on top of that you get awesome perks such as /Fly and keeping your XP levels when you die!

Be the envy of your friends with our top rank and the supreme ruler of the PvP arena, located at /warp PvP!

There’s plenty to do on OMC Factions, so what are you waiting for? Prepare for battle!

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Mar 23

Keep Calm and….



We have been hard at work behind the scenes to make Ordon even better, and finally the work is nearly done!

This Sunday – March 23rd – we will be performing the migration to the new host!


No one will lose ANYTHING! All current builds, inventory, money, market listings, every single jot of data will be copied to the new host! Nothing has to reset, and everything should be as if we never even moved!

The aim of our recent stress tests has been to help us make sure that everything will go perfectly in the move!

During the downtime, we WILL have a server hub up and running and Ordon RADIO will be playing all day long from morning to midnight in celebration of a shiny new host! Hub will have trivia quizzes off and on, riddle games, and general fun.

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